The design of Solari chosen for the office of the future

The Company lands in Istanbul, inside the 10,000 square meter office of the Turkish food delivery giant

The Italian design by Solari chosen for one of the biggest and ambitious contract projects of the world. It’s name is Yemeksepeti Foods Park, and it is the new office park of the multinational Turkish food Company. 10.000 sqmt designed by a big architecture firm, Erginoğlu & Çalışlar. 


Like a social network of the office life, the big split-flap display by Solari (who were used to display departure and arrival times in airports and stations throughout the world) will enhance the dynamic and collaborative atmosphere of the new office. The display, indeed, will share in real time the number of the orders, company goals and curiosities, such as birthdays of the employees and every day news, interacting directly with the workers.


The aim of the project is to re-design the workplace concept, to transform the closed and aseptic environment in a multifunctional and social oriented space; the designers define the newly built offices as a “workplace, but with the home comforts”: the building hosts bar, game rooms, library, a photo studio, swings, billiard, ping-pong tables, gym, chess room and playstation rooms.

The multinational has requested the analogical support as nostalgic response to the “cold digital screen”, that today is an ineluctable part of our lifes, at home and at work. The unmistakably sound of the updating of the Solari board represent the past, but encompasses also a new meaning for the future. Other international designers chosen the Italian split-flap display for their projects. Listing a few of the latest project: the new Roastery of Starbucks in Seattle, Shanghai, Milan, New York and Tokio, renowned Chefs such Alain Ducasse in the new Champeaux Restaurant, FENDI Man for the  Autumn/Winter Collection 2018-2019. Last but not least the Solari board continues to symbolize the time of the traveler, and even the most awaited Hotel of the world will have the reproduction of the ‘60s split-flap display: the new TWA, that at the end of 2018 will reborn as a luxury hotel and business space.

15 MAY 2018

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