Starbucks opens in Milan for the first time in Italy the new format Reserve Roastery

Communication in the restaurant "travels" on the Solari palette display

The first Starbucks in Italy will communicate with its customers through the palette display designed and produced by Solari Udine.

It's called Reserve Roastery, the new format of the world coffee giant from Seattle, which will open to the public tomorrow in Piazza Cordusio in Milan, for the first time in Italy. Inside the 2,300 square metres of the historic Palazzo delle Poste, just a few steps away from the Duomo, the palette display created by Solari is clearly visible from the entrance. In airports and stations all over the world, the sound of the time displays being updated has become an icon of travelling: this is why Starbucks has decided to communicate with its customers in the same evocative way.

More than four metres wide and more than two metres high, the display board contains 13 lines of text and 64 columns of letters and numbers and will be updated daily or several times a day with promotions, offers, menus and all the communications to customers that the restaurant would like to give. It took about 6 months of work to create it in the Solari factory in Udine: the display is coloured with a special paint coming from London, a particular green chosen ad hoc according to the style and furnishings of the restaurant, completely different from the international format we are used to, but they are a tribute to Made in Italy.

"The project for the Roastery started in 2014 - says the President of Solari Massimo Paniccia - we work directly with the Starbucks headquarters for which we have already built two displays for the restaurants of Seattle (the hometown of the multinational) and Shanghai. The aim is to convey the emotion of the journey linked to coffee. What better object, then, than the displays that have always made billions of people travel around the world".

These days Solari is testing the display for the new Starbucks in Tokyo. "The roastery in Milan is a wonderful challenge for Solari. Working alongside the multinational company - explains Katia Bredeon, marketing manager - is a unique experience: they appreciate our know-how and our all-Italian ability to combine craftsmanship, style and excellence. They were able to convey an innate sense of belonging in the realisation of a project that Starbucks itself considers a dream coming true, as the founder Howard Schultz has said several times during the opening event dedicated to the partners".


The management of Starbucks has been able to involve the best Italian companies in the sector that, coordinated by their architects, designers and project managers, have cooperated for a year and a half in the creation of a real work of art. " Our display is different and unique from the others, for the dimension and the colour they have chosen. As a Starbucks partner, we are ready to cooperate with them for the new openings planned in Italy and around the world with the new format".

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